Collection: Unique Custom Terrariums: Explore Shapes & Sizes

We are Airmonic GiftShop ha EnvisionScapes that allows our clients to CoCreate Mini Worlds and Unleash Imagination. 

 Steps to Cocreate or Co-design your mini world: 

  1. Choose Your Enclosure: Select from our range of unique enclosures in different shapes and sizes. 

  2. Pick Your Theme: Whether it's a 'Ghibli Terrarium' or 'Little Prince' world, or even a photo you love, let us know the vibe you want.

  3. Share Your Vision: Tell us your ideas! Your inputs help us tailor your terrarium perfectly.

  4. Expert Craftsmanship: Crafting takes time. We dedicate 3-4 weeks to refine your terrarium, from enclosure to plant stability.

  5. Ordering Made Easy: Ready to order? Visit our website or message us on Facebook/Instagram.

Create your custom terrarium today and own a piece of personalized nature!